Problems a Student Face During the First Year of College

As freshmen, we enter college not knowing what to expect. We are only equipped with what we heard or pieces of advice given to us, but to actually experience them first hand is a different thing.

Here are the common problems student face during the first year of college

  • Adjusting to a new school environment
    • This is always hard in any situation. We do not know what to expect and just hope for the best. It is particularly hard for students who are used to their high school lifestyle so when they finally see their world suddenly changed it may cause stress, loneliness, and even depression. And to many people who suddenly live away from home, the adjustment can be harder. Budgeting your money for your meals, staying with new people, missing your family and friends back home, it can be overwhelming indeed.
  • Finding new friends
    • Another thing that is hard for freshmen is finding a new group of friends to belong to.  This is harder for introverts who tend to be shy and picky towards friends. The good news here though is everyone in freshmen class most likely have no friends too, so everyone is trying to find new friends.
  • Trying to excel and do everything by the book during the first year.
    • When you are in your later years in college, ever noticed how freshmen really seem serious about everything? Well, during the first year, we really want to do our best, we try to impress everyone. We are there on time, we never miss a class, and always do everything in time. But in the later years, we tend to be relaxed as we learn the ins and outs of college life. So yes, freshmen years can really be stressful for most students as they strive to really not disappoint anyone.
  • Peer pressure
    • As stated earlier, most freshmen tend to impress everyone, trying to get validation from others. Add to that that most try to fit in and find new friends, a lot of students can easily give in to peer pressure just to belong to a group, and though this may not be a problem, to some people it can lead to some self-destructing habits.
  • Time management
    • Most new students who are still adjusting to college life will have a hard time balancing their schedule. Studies, social life, personal time, and sleep. It can be hard and stressful, usually leading to lack of sleep. Of course, this is something most of us experience and can adapt to sooner or later.
  • Completing assignments on time
    • This is not high school anymore. The more you study, the more exams you get. The more you listen in class, the more reports and essays are requested. It’s a huge change, but it’s the best challenge you will ever face in your life. All you have to do is manage your time wisely as mentioned above.

There are other challenges for new students out there, and it also depends on each student’s personality, but those stated above are the common obstacles freshmen face. Are you starting your first year of college? Are you ready to face up the challenges given here? Don’t worry about it because the hard part will be over before you know it.