6 Reasons Why Obama Was the Best President of America in the Last 50 Years

Research by the Pew Research Center terms Obama as the best president America has ever had for the last 50 years. The analysis relied hugely on what the people thought about the various administrations in the United States. In the study, an impressive 44 percent of the surveyed population felt the same way, with Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan at 33 and 32 percent respectively.

In the same research the current president of the United States, Donald Trump is only mentioned by 19 percent of the surveyed population. Obama still makes it as a first and second choice president of the people by 20 percent of that population.

However, they attribute this to a lot. Barack Obama is termed the best of the US in the last 50 years for many ways people he might have changed their lives. The following are six reasons have still earned Obama respect even after leaving power in the US.

His love for the people

Obama becomes president when the economic status of the United States is threatened. He comes with the message of hope, what many call the American Dream. He acts to motivate his citizens. He reaches out to them in a variety of modes and pulls them close to his agenda of a developed country ad a world superpower. His actions for the United States are steered towards doing what is best for the majority. His family is adored, and it portrays him as a responsible man running a responsible country. He works towards all the classes of society in his country even though it means losing friendship with the rich in the country.

He goes ahead to fight for the civil rights of the people of US include the very opposed gay marriage. He believes that this population needs their chance in the American Society and assures them of legal and civil rights protection.

Barack Obama talks and fosters the spirit of one human race. In his speeches that you can read in essay on Barack Obama, he speaks of the integrity in race unity. He talks of an America where both the blacks, whites, Latinos and Mexicans can live together. It is under Obama’s tenure that America experiences unity across its races. His equal treatment for all relatively closes the gap between the blacks and the whites.

Obama gives a say to the middle class. He talks about strengthening the economy with the support of the middle class. He ensures the extension of tax breaks to motivate security and instill confidence in the working population of America. He talks of people ready to support the middle class to drive economic growth in the United States.

An improved health care system

The universal healthcare system is one of Obama’s main achievements. He talks of a health care system that brings hope to the people of the US. He establishes the Obama health care plan that allows for the uninsured population of the US gets access to the Universal health care system. Children gain access to medical care services even when the parents cannot afford medical insurance. America through Obama becomes the greatest of superpowers to show much interest in the health of its citizens.


Obama’s clean energy achievement

Obama was on the frontline in the mission of making America red, white, green and blue. He took part in the policymaking and the devising of initiatives that guarantee America a clean energy economy. This was steered by America’s Industrial sector, which was seen to have threatened America atmosphere. The US, during Obama’s tenure, reduced oil imports by about 10 percent between 2010 and 2011, approximately 1 million barrels a day. Less dependence is aimed at increasing reliance on clean energy.

Support for education

Obama in his tenure advocates for education and prioritizes it in his development agenda. He believes that school is one of the ways America and other countries can become dominant. On this concept, Obama targets the US achieving the highest section of graduates from college by 2020. Obama increases federal funding and increases twice the grant aimed at supporting tuition fees for higher education. He passes the Whitehouse initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans and the Educational Excellence initiative for Hispanics or equal education for people of different color.

He fights for the rights of women

Obama signs the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act on his first day in office. He ensures that both the men and women get access to equal salaries for a given job. The Act comes after cases of wage discrimination against women in the United States. Obama fully funds the act of violence against women to address the challenges of domestic violence and sexual assault. An exemplary act is the vetting of two women to America’s Supreme Court. Obama sets aside a grant to support women in business.

Obama’s love for peace

In 2009, Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the world’s highest accolade of all times.  Obama does well in strengthening cooperation between the people of his country not forgetting the strengthening of international diplomacy. The awards recognize Obama for ending the war in Iraq, being close to completing Afghanistan conflicts and the neutralizing of Al-Qaeda through the annihilation of Osama Bin Laden.

It is evident in the above demonstrations that put Obama on top of the list as America’s best president in the last 50 years.