How to Write a Good Essay about BLM Movement


Writing a good essay that will earn you higher points takes many efforts and hard work, more so if the topic touches on current happenings or complicated and broad topics. Coming up with a reliable BLM essay paper is like targeting something in motion, and therefore you need to be updated since some of the things you write may be outdated.

This means that you must be in a position to balance timeliness and relevancy despite the available resources. First, you have to know every detail on Black Lives matter, what the movement entails, their mission, and much more.

Making the most out of whatever you are using might be challenging, but there is no harm in seeking help, right? So how do you compose a catchy and exciting essay on the BML movement? Read ahead.

  • Composing a Thesis Statement

Since you already have a topic, which is the BLM movement, it is up to you to develop a great thesis statement. Here you get to sort your ideas into applicable categories. This is because a thesis statement is what tells your audience your essay inclusions.

A good thesis consists of two parts. The first part will focus on the topic at hand while the other section states or outlines your essay’s points. The two pieces will tell more about your ideas and whether the article is impressive. Therefore, be keen and be okay.

  • Comprehend the Essay Question

This is like analyzing the question widely. This section is essential. You can articulate your thoughts and ideas very well but still attain poor grades. Why? Because all of your writing does not fully answer the provided promptly.

You need to break your prompt down and understand what they are asking about clearly. There are many things you can talk about black lives matter, but the core thing here is the movement. When I feel like I am not conversant with all this, I usually find myself a cheap essay writing service to help me write my dissertation paper. However, focus on answering questions. For instance, what kind of research does one need to understand the question? How long should the essay be?

  • Create an Outline

This is where most students go wrong. Sometimes after your professor assigns you the essay topic, you rush to write, and once you are barely in the middle of writing, your ideas drain. Therefore, it is always vital to create an essay outline before you start writing.

Flip your booklet at the back jot down your main ideas first and your thoughts. This will ease your work when you start writing since you will have a flow of ideas. You can leave spaces in between where you can write smaller ideas later on.

  • Writing

This is more than being behind the keyboard. You did create your thesis statement earlier on, so the next step is to compose an introductory paragraph. Do not forget the first impression is very important; make it more appealing and fascinating. You can use dialogue, a quote, a shocking revelation, or even a story.

Body paragraphs are your next step. This part entails a clear explanation or argument as per the topic. It is important to note that each section carries the main idea. The ideas should be supported, and references cited.

Once you are done with the body, write a concluding paragraph and do proofreading and editing before you consider your first draft finished.


Not all essays can be simple; some are complex and require lots of time and effort to complete. The bottom line is attaining good grades, and you can do this by composing an excellent thesis. Research widely about the BLM movement and ensure you manage your time well to complete it on time.