Welcome to my blog!

My name is Brian and I’m a political sciences graduate from Columbia University. The idea of studying politics came out of nowhere, but I have since discovered a need to explore what makes a country and its government “tick”. The notion of disassembling a government system into its intricate parts has always fascinated me and I was always following the news in high school which didn’t really help at parties or social gatherings where everyone else was talking about sports or movies.

I’ve decided to share my experiences and findings with fellow politics majors as well as anyone interested in what I have to say about politics as a whole. I’m working my way towards a doctorate in US politics so this blog will also serve as a platform for my research and college writing, which is something we all struggle with at some point or another.

This blog is dedicated to exploring the topics of politics, government and other social areas and issues concerning these topics. Politics is a fascinating subject to explore because of its turbulent development. We are lucky to have the Founding Fathers to be thankful for our country and the Amendments they developed but not every country shares our circumstances.

We will cover topics related not only to current politics but the development of said processes and ideas stretching back through history. The government systems and ruling bodies come into the category fairly easily since one can’t exist without the other. We will stay in the “peaceful” discussions and topics without delving deep into revolutionary periods or coups that are well-known far and wide.

Of course, other social areas of interest will also be covered since civil happenings and systems are also an interesting topic to talk about and fall under the same jurisdiction. You can expect anything related to politics to find its way to my blog in one way or another, and I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts on the matters as well. I’m happy you found your way to my blog and I hope you find something interesting enough to read and share with your friends – thank you for being here!